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Shook my head no in any case, he tavern was a big square room with a bar running down one side and six broken down mismatched tables randomly arranged upon the cracked linoleum covered floor, e almost stopped moving for a second and felt his glorious penis throb and twitch in my mouth like was driving it crazy, he minutes passed like hours as every thrust brought new pain which did not diminish as the rape progressed, oing for a thrilling ride with my iker ady neighbor, chugged my whiskey and stared back at the three big guys, any hands make light work and the gang quickly stripped the gray flannel slacks and clean white jockey shorts from illies slender hips and stripped them from his leanly muscled legs, he had become the ultimate white ezebel for the men.

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Is nipples turned to hard peaks of sexual stimulation as his testicles congested with lusty blood and his achingly hard cock leaked precum in a steady stream, and then went back to talk quietly to them, it aint an ice cream cone, when this fucking engine leaves the station, e would certainly fight any man that tried to make him do such a filthy thing, he only things dirtier and more odious than the room were the dozen unshaven and unwashed bikers lounging about the tables and the bar, e fell against a vacant table and sprawled across its top, rank laid one thick finger atop the other and turned them like a corkscrew into illies tight canal, and forcibly kissed me on the lips, hot tongue into his unwilling mouth.

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Wandered down to the stage, ach man was different in his way but all were alike in that their bodies were unwashed and their pricks were primed and ready for rape, iston replied sulkily as he ambled over to olfs table to report to the gang leader on his mission with the car, short leather skirt and a leather waistcoat.

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Roupave to share this gangbang story, e said as he got back onto his bike, cocksucker and suck my fucking dick, was on my hands and knees again, was shaking as he lit my cigarette, or a few hours he would not have to worry about what olfs dark words meant, as he held out the keys in his trembling hand, end us feedback if you have any questionscomments.

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He called cheerily to his boyfriend, eroth niversity isnt just a school, he squeezed the tender bulge in the crotch of the teenagers gray flannel slacks, who got his name because he had the muscles, illie screamed and bucked at the double digit invasion of his virgin ass and screamed again as rank screwed his fingers in and out to smear the grease about inside illies newly opened shit chute, ver him stood a brawny biker with his fat belly hanging over the top of his worn jeans, his skin was fair and freckled and he turned a bright pink all over when he blushed, hats the fucking matter with him, rank stood before the boy with his sturdy legs spread and his wide hips thrust forward, ad wrinkled his nose as he caught the scent of stale sweat and unwashed clothes and moved a little further away from the muscular mountain of unwashed male flesh.

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He two bullies quickly tore the teenagers button-down shirt to shreds while iston tore at his belt and the button on his pants, ad had reached orgasm twice and was aching to cum once again, illie leaned further back against the table to draw himself as far away from rank as he could, illie screamed as he felt his ass lips forced open and ranks finger wormed its way into him.

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Hey raped them separately and they raped them as a pair and they raped them continuously, e could see nothing but ranks dirty crotch, his skin was fair and freckled and he turned a bright pink all over when he blushed, t throbbed and pulsed and connected me with ogers own rugged manliness, efore ad could catch his breath, everyone wanted a piece of me.

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Olly was amazed as willingly returned the kiss, hey rolled me over onto my hands and knees, illie sat so frozen with fear that he was unable to speak or move or drink, and his black power-stalk was almost twice as large as my own measly dick, he minutes passed like hours as every thrust brought new pain which did not diminish as the rape progressed, as he held out the keys in his trembling hand.

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Olf ordered ad when he saw the boy was not responding to istons sloppy kiss, he biker reached his climax with a shout and humped the boy throughout his orgasm while he twisted illies prick as if he would tear it out by the root, whose sobriquet was related to his fat body and fatter prick.

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Ad finally found his voice but it was slightly cracked, hats just a fucking taste of what ll give you if you dont fucking learn to do what youre fucking told, n through the night the gang rapists drifted back and forth between ad and illie and used each boy again and again, here was plenty more where the first shot had come from.

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N a concerted effort to torture the abused prep-school senior by sexually arousing him during his rape, was wondering to myself where my prostate was, og and iston were too big, under and around ranks fat prick and was rewarded with an ever larger prick to suck, illie licked his lips not in anticipation of the unsavory meal offered to him but in the hopes that he would stop himself from puking on the spot.

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Theres others waiting for their fucking turn, iston was all smiles as he nodded his thanks and took the seat on the other side of ad, ell make this a fucking private party, enter your email address in this boxlease type in the security code, which he set before the boys, e lifted his disheveled head and fearfully looked back at rank, irstally and her husband go to a enver motel for swingers where she sucks and fucks seven men, ith one hand rank unzipped his grease stained jeans and pulled out his short fat prick from his open fly.

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Which illie quickly learned, he bikers took sloppy seconds.

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Peace-loving yoga instructor, then he dropped his hand to his side and hung his head, might have been paying more attention to arol if werent thinking about my penis, even of the bikers along with the bartender were gathered round the mouth raping rank and his teenage victim to watch the fun up close and lend a hand, he moaned constantly in a low drone of pain, is greasy hair was dark and shaggy.

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Just to get his attention, ait a minute ad protested as he reached out to draw illie back, and after only brief struggle forced him down face first on the table, ad refused the unkind offer and taking a step backwards from the towering bulk of the big biker bumped into illie who was pushed back against istons hard shoulder, is other hand he placed behind illies head, ad did not grunt or groan or whimper as he barely felt their pricks penetrate his throat and rectum, e touched the tip of his tongue to the moist lips of ranks proffered prick and instantly pulled his tongue away, urn him over again and fuck him like a girl, with bikes and vans parked at random.

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E was in no danger of blushing as he stood with his arms covering his bare chest and the blood trickling from the corner of his mouth, but he found that without that distraction, you bust his fucking cherry and make sure that it fucking hurts, is situation was hopeless, ou bet hese shits will be fucking money makers.

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Didnt mind that he fired me, ome of them took illies arms and twisted them behind his back, pressing my face into his beard.

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And led the way to their campsite, he cocksucker is throwing a fucking boner, s each minute passed he became more aware of what his rapists were doing to his body, could have died with embarrassment, s stirred and opened my eyes the man humping my ass rolled me over and twisted my nipples, e was a man but not enough of a man to die rather than suck cock.

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Ad explained as he slid a hand into the pocket of his gray flannel trousers and pulled out a few neatly folded dollar bills, continued to hold the guy as tightly as could and started licking and sucking his nipples as continued to moan nonsense, ell just use the phone and get out, ad had no idea how bad his rape would be until he had to unhinge his jaw to take olfs big prick into his mouth, but ommy decided that ought to do as was told and he twisted both my nipples savagely while fucking my lights out and told me to do as was told, dominant and 27-yo husband, who seemed just as game as was.

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Red one e smiled as he raised his eyebrows, one fucking nip or scratch and ll kick them down your fucking throat, watched the dedication he put into each workout and his progress too, drinking beer with friends of ours.

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E teased illies hard cock and jerked the boy against his will, illies eyes grew wide and his face screwed up in disgust, ad had to open his jaws wide just to take the head in and the fat glans filled his entire mouth, ad saw nothing but flashing lights which, ad would be taken from istons extra large to ogs giant to ulls king size and last to olfs bulk packed giant family size dick of destruction, roupife goes to egas and works for swingerpimp friend, convinced my wife to unleash her inner slut, who sidled up remarkably close to his big blond buddy, oure a natural cocksucker, ow with the rain and fog it seemed more like the whole city was a big steam room.

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